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Go to and test your video and audio hardware. Usually, this is due to a high network latency (more than 500ms), missing permissions from the browser, an incompatible device, or an outdated browser version.

If you don't see errors but you still can't continue, reach out to Tech Support using the "Tech Support" link on the left. Please have a screenshot ready.

Hardware requirements

Since Filtered is a virtual interviewing platform conducted with a web browser, some hardware is required on your end to make sure the interview functions properly.

Filtered interviews require three specific inputs to be registered before you can continue:

  1. The network speed must take less than 500ms to reach the Filtered servers.

  2. A microphone must be detected and capturing sound.

  3. A camera must be detected and capturing video.

For convenience, you can click a button to test the sound output from your computer, which will be necessary for playing back your recorded videos. However, this is not required to continue.

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