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Scoring candidates

How we score interviews

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The Filtered interview process covers both hard and soft skills. The soft skills portion is entirely video-based and provides a space for candidates to talk about their passions, side-projects, and more. Of course, Filtered can't score these types of questions, as each company's culture is different.

When it comes to coding questions, however, we are able to score candidates' work. A candidate fails if their code does not produce the expected outcome based on our test cases or if it  times out.

Our test cases are correlated with the difficulty of our coding questions. Ideally, a candidate's code will pass all the test cases, but it is possible for them receive partial credit. When creating an interview, you can specify a threshold to filter out candidates whose code receives less than what you consider a passing score.

If you have more questions on how we score, feel free to reach out to us at

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