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Understanding your confidence analysis
Understanding your confidence analysis

Filtered analyzes every interview submission and brings important information to your attention. Here's what to look for.

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Tabs opened

If a candidate opens lots of tabs during the interview, or if the candidate's open tabs are highly related to the code challenge, they might be searching for the answers online. Most candidates have some tabs open, but a high number of open tabs with similar titles is a commonly seen in interviews where the candidate was cheating.

GitHub account is empty or was created on the interview day

GitHub is a service that most software engineers are familiar with and have used in the past. While it's possible that the candidate is inexperienced or has never worked on open source software before, a candidate who has only shared a newly-created GitHub account but no other social media may be trying to hide their identity. Use good judgement and consider this against other signals in the interview to protect yourself against fraud.

Flagged snapshots

Filtered flags moments during the coding challenge when there are two faces or no faces in the view of the camera. You can review these snapshots to determine if the candidate is asking other people for help on their challenges.

Mismatching location

Occasionally, candidates may not be fully truthful about where they are located. Filtered collects a location from candidates when they submit their interview, but will also detect the location by IP address. If the location submitted doesn’t match the location detected within a certain distance, Filtered will flag it as an issue. Consider this mismatching location against other signals in the interview to protect yourself against fraud.

Mouse exit count

Filtered marks every time that a candidate’s mouse leaves the testing environment. This can be for a number of reasons. Some common ones are:

  • To use a different application, like an IDE, calculator, or spreadsheet app

  • To open a new browser tab

  • They are taking the interview on a large monitor where it is easy to click outside of the testing environment

Use your judgement when considering the mouse exit count against the candidate’s performance. Generally, it is better to combine the mouse exit count number with other signals like open tabs or unusually high scores.

(MSP only) Candidate took same interview via multiple vendors

Since Filtered gives the same questions to every candidate interviewing for a job, candidates who take multiple interviews for the same job may already know the answers. In some cases, candidates might try to take advantage of staffing vendors by passing the same interview through different vendors, increasing their chances of being shortlisted. You should use other signals in the interview to make the right judgement call about a candidate who has been flagged. 

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