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How user permissions work in Filtered and how to change them
How user permissions work in Filtered and how to change them

It's easy to restrict what your team members can do or see in their Filtered account

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Filtered allows you to set the level of access on a per-user basis. 

Click on Team in your navigation bar to access the team settings page.

User permission levels

Filtered users can have one of four levels of permissions.


Admin users are able to edit, create, delete, and manage everything in the account. They have access to team, reporting, and billing settings.


Users with Create/Edit permissions can create, edit, and delete interviews. They can also fully manage candidate lifecycle and review submissions.


These users cannot create or manage interviews. They have full access to candidates and can manage or review. They can share interviews and candidates.


This is the lowest set of permissions. This user type can only score, comment, and review candidates. They can also approve or reject candidates. They cannot manage lifecycle, share candidates, manage interviews, or manage settings.

Setting permissions

You can set permission from the team member table.

You can also set permissions when inviting or replying to a join request.

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