Candidate FAQs:

What browsers are supported to take a Filtered interview?
Firefox and Chrome

What hardware is required to take a Filtered interview?
For most interviews, you’ll need a laptop or desktop computer equipped with a webcam and microphone. Your recruiter will tell you if a camera and microphone are not required. (Learn more.)

What is the Filtered extension for?
The extension aids with the interview process by adding functionality to the code editor, as well as enabling certain security features for the recruiter who created the interview. You can safely uninstall the extension after the interview ends.

Why do I have to sign in using a social account?
Signing in with a social account helps confirm your identity and gives hiring companies confidence in the validity of their candidates (Learn more.)

Where can I see my Filtered interview results?
Please contact your recruiter to learn about the interview results.

My browser froze / shut down during my interview. What do I do?
All progress during an interview is automatically saved. Re-open the interview using the original link that was sent to you via email.

My audio/video/camera does not seem to be working.
Please test your hardware here:
If your hardware isn't compatible, please find another device to take the interview on or contact your recruiter. (Learn more.)


Recruiter FAQs:

I need to re-test a candidate because they messed up, had technical issues, etc. What do I do?
Create and send a new link to the candidate via your Filtered dashboard. This should appear as a separate line item in "pending" after you send the interview to the candidate.

Where do I go to see whether a candidate has passed or failed?
In most cases, you can see the candidate status on your Filtered dashboard. You will also receive an email showing whether or not a candidate passed at the time of interview submission. (Learn more.)

My candidate failed their test (or scored a 0%). Why did this happen?
Filtered interviews use test cases to score the challenge portions of the interview. Learn more about test cases and scoring here.

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