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Standardize your staffing vendors with Filtered Contingent
Standardize your staffing vendors with Filtered Contingent
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If your company relies on a large percentage of contingent labor every year, Filtered can help you ensure the quality of your temporary workforce by integrating into the MSP program. 

Filtered Contingent combines the power of objectively-scored Filtered interviews and best-in-class management of staffing vendors. Every vendor is required to provide a completed Filtered interview, which you design, along with each candidate submittal. If necessary, you can hide information like the questions or candidate's score from vendors, further eliminating bias.

You'll be able to report on the quality of candidates from individual vendors as well as the overall health of your MSP program.

(Sensitive information in the screenshots below have been hidden.)

Interested in adding Filtered Contingent to your account? Reach out to us.

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