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How to leave reviews on a candidate

Walkthrough of the review tool found in each submitted interview

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In most companies, a panel of reviewers will vote to decide on whether to move a candidate to the next round. In Filtered, you can do this by using the Reviews section of the candidate interview review page.

Leaving a review

From this page, a reviewer can leave their vote (Strong No, No, Yes, or Strong Yes) and comments regarding the candidate.

Once a review is submitted, you cannot delete or edit the review. You will be given a confirmation message before submitting (seen below).

Owners of the interview will be sent a notification via email when a new review is submitted.

New reviews will also be pushed to any ATS system integrated with Filtered and will be available in Zapier or via the Filtered Connect API.

Viewing all reviews

After leaving a review, you will be able to see everyone's reviews for this candidate. Admins and owners of this candidate can always see everyone else's reviews even before submitting their own.

The average of the votes is always shown at the top of the reviews list. Each vote is given the following weighting, which allows Filtered to calculate an average:

Strong No = -2 points
No = -1 points
Yes = +1 points
Strong Yes = +2 points

It's worth noting that these votes can end in a "Tie", where the average is exactly 0.

The review summary can also be found at the top of each interview in the Summary section, under skills.

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