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Candidate availability and scheduling
Candidate availability and scheduling

Walkthrough of the scheduling features in Filtered

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It is common to schedule a candidate for a follow-up phone call or onsite meeting after they have performed well on a coding challenge or video interview. Filtered makes it easy to move candidates forward quickly with integrated scheduling tools.

(The features below are available in paid Filtered accounts only.)

Candidate availability 

When enabled, candidates will be asked to voluntarily provide their phone number and their availability to interview for the next two weeks.

These times will be presented in the Scheduling & Availability section of the interview review page for this candidate.

If a candidate chooses not to provide any availability, the Scheduling & Availability section will be focused on letting you propose times instead of accepting the candidate's choices.

Scheduling and proposing times

Before proposing or confirming any times, there must be at least one owner specified for the candidate who is being scheduled with.

If a candidate has proposed times, clicking Accept will trigger a confirmation box that lets you customize a message to send to all recipients. Once confirmed, an email with the meeting details and a calendar invite attachment (.ics) will be sent to owners. 

If the candidate has not proposed times or if none of the proposed times will work, you can propose new times back to the candidate using the Schedule button. The candidate will be sent an email and then be able to Accept or propose their own times back to you. You can repeat this process until you find the best meeting times.

Once a time has been confirmed by both parties, the Scheduling & Availability section will be locked and the candidate's status will be changed to "scheduled". All further modifications must be made in your own calendar (like Google Calendar or Outlook).

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