How is my interview progress saved? 

(My browser froze / shut down during my interview. What do I do?)

Video questions are saved after every submission. Coding challenges will save your progress every 60 seconds. If something happens, you can re-open the interview using the original link that was sent to you via email and click "continue" to resume.

Why do I have to sign in using a social account?

Signing in with a social account helps confirm your identity and gives hiring companies confidence in the validity of their candidates (Learn more.)

Can I exit the interview and take it later on? 

Yes, you can start or resume this interview at any time that you feel in convenient, but please be aware and considerate of your recruiter's expectations. If someone has asked you to complete the interview by a specific date or time, you should do that. It's recommended that you complete the interview in one session.

What is the Filtered extension for?

The extension aids with the interview process by adding functionality to the code editor, as well as enabling certain security features for the recruiter who created the interview. You can safely uninstall the extension after the interview ends.

What hardware is required to take a Filtered interview? 

For most interviews, you’ll need a laptop or desktop computer equipped with a webcam and microphone. Your recruiter will tell you if a camera and microphone are not required. (Learn more.)

My audio/video/camera does not seem to be working.

Please test your hardware here:
If your hardware isn't compatible, please find another device to take the interview on or contact your recruiter. (Learn more.)

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