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How to share a Filtered candidate with Hiring Managers and other reviewers
How to share a Filtered candidate with Hiring Managers and other reviewers

Filtered gives you a few methods to help approve or reject candidates even faster

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Let's say that you need to help Lisa, a hiring manager, place a senior software engineer on her team. 

At this moment, imagine that a number of candidates have finished interviewing with Filtered. You need to make sure that Lisa can view these candidates and signal her approval to move forward (or not). Here's how to do it:

Note: In this article, "reviewer" equals "hiring manager" for the majority of situations.

Option 1: Invite them to review each candidate individually

(Reviewers do not need a login to participate,)
Once you finish reviewing, jump to the bottom of the page and look for the Add Reviewers button.

You can invite one or more people to review this candidate by typing in their email address. Once confirmed, each one person get an email asking them to review.

You can keep an eye on the status of your reviewers on this section of the page as well. (email addresses have been hidden in this photo).

Option 2: Invite them to review a group of candidates all together

(Reviewers do not need a login to participate.)
Head over to the Reviewers tab in the top navigation. 

Just like option 1, click on Add Reviewers to open the prompt and select one or more people who should review.

However, now you can choose one or more candidates to share with these reviewers. They will each receive a separate email with their own private links to review.

If the reviewers are taking too long, you can remind them with the Remind button.

Option 3: Invite reviewers as full Filtered users

This option is less common, but is useful if your hiring managers want to browse for candidates beyond just the ones that are associated with their requisitions.

If your reviewers want to access all candidates, passed or failed, you can simply make them a full Filtered user.

Head over to the Team tab in the header navigation.

On the Team Settings page, click Invite Member to see the invitation prompt.

The key is to invite your teammate with "reviewer" permissions which will limit their ability to do anything other than leave reviews and view candidates.

Once invited, the new users will be able to view all candidates, not just the ones shared directly with them. 

These reviewers can browse the dashboard for candidates and filter by verified skills. They can leave reviews and notify other hiring managers about their intention to move forward with candidates. This gives hiring managers a little more freedom to be proactive in Filtered, and might be the right choice for organizations who need to fill seats fast.

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