To begin, you will likely receive an email similar to the example below, which gives you lots of preview information and a link to start the interview:

You can find basic information about time, questions, and allowed languages in this email. It will also tell you about some requirements, such as supported browsers and downloading an extension. See the full checklist before starting an interview here.

If you haven't installed Filtered extension, you will arrive at the following screen.

The extension aids with the interview process by adding functionality to the code editor, as well as enabling certain security features. You can safely uninstall the extension after the interview ends (it usually uninstalls automatically).

Once the browser extension has been installed, you can begin your interview and follow the prompts on the screen.


Depending on the company/position you are applying for, you may be asked to complete one or more forms required by the US government to be asked by employers (these are always optional).

Next, you will be prompted to test your hardware. Please make sure all checks have passed to continue to the next step. See how to test/troubleshoot your hardware here.


The next slide tells you about all the questions that are included in this interview, as well as their configuration, supported languages, and time limits. There are also links to sample questions to help you familiarize yourself with the interview environment. Please note that these sample questions are not part of the interview. 


When you are ready, you can click "START INTERVIEW NOW" to begin your interview. It is from this point that your interview has started.


Filtered supports 6 types of interview questions. Please refer to the following links for detailed information of each type:

Video questions

Algorithm question

Front-end question

Database question

Data science question

Task simulation question


During the interview, Filtered will auto-save your progress. If your browser freezes/shuts down, or if you have to leave during the interview, you can reopen the invitation link that was sent to you via email to continue. However, It’s strongly recommended that you finish the interview without interruption. 

Once a question is submitted, you cannot retake it or go back to a previous question. For certain video questions, you will be told beforehand if the question allows multiple re-takes.

After you have finished all interview questions, and depending on the company/position you are applying for, you may be asked to provide availability to help with scheduling a next round interview. At this point, you have not yet been shortlisted by the recruiter. However, providing availability will signal your intent to the recruiter and speed up the process in the event that you are shortlisted.

Next, you must connect with a social media account to verify your identity and pass along some personal information to the recruiter. Filtered supports LinkedIn, Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, or Facebook (depending on the company you are applying for). See Filtered's policy with social media account here.


Depending on the company/position you are applying for, you may also be asked to upload a resume. Filtered accepts files in PDF, doc, docx, txt formats. Please do not upload an image (jpg, png, gif, bmp, webp).

You'll need to fill in all of your personal information (most is optional) and click the "SUBMIT" button to complete your interview.

That's it! Congratulations completing your Filtered interview.

For Filtered interview environment details and technical capabilities, please check our Filtered guide

For tech support questions about this process, email us at

For questions related to the interview content, time limit, or challenges, please reach out to your recruiter.


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