1. Please make sure your preferred language is supported in the interview. If not, please contact your recruiter for support.

2. You'll need access to a computer with latest version of Firefox or Chrome installed. You will be asked to install the Filtered extension in order to complete the interview. Internet Explorer, Safari, and other browsers are not supported at this time.

3. Make sure your computer has a working microphone and camera. Some employers have questions, both technical and non-technical, that require a video response, so you must have those enabled to complete your interview. 

4. Find a quiet place with a good internet connection. Much like a regular in-person interview, you'll want to be able to focus on the interview as you only have a certain amount of time to complete it. A time estimate will be listed at the start of the interview, so you'll know how long people often take to complete theirs. 

5. Have a valid social media account. Filtered accepts LinkedIn, Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab accounts. (Facebook may or may not be accepted depending on which company you are applying for.)  

The above all you need to get started. Best of luck with your interview! 

If you have additional technical questions, you can email us at support@filtered.ai

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