How is my interview progress saved? 

(My browser froze / shut down during my interview. What do I do?)

Video questions are saved after every submission. Coding challenges will save your progress every 60 seconds. If something happens, you can re-open the interview using the original link that was sent to you via email and click "continue" to resume.

Can I exit the interview and take it later on? 

Yes, you can start or resume this interview at any time that you feel in convenient, but please be aware and considerate of your recruiter's expectations. If someone has asked you to complete the interview by a specific date or time, you should do that. It's recommended that you complete the interview in one session.

Can I retake the question, or go back to the previous question?

For video questions, you will be told beforehand if the question allows multiple re-takes. You cannot re-take a coding question once it is submitted.

You cannot go back to make further edits after a question is submitted. You cannot jump forward or do questions out of order either. Each question is submitted before you can move on to the next. The process is meant to feel like a real in-person interview.

What is the Filtered extension for?

The extension aids with the interview process by adding functionality to the code editor, as well as enabling certain security features for the recruiter who created the interview. You can safely uninstall the extension after the interview ends (it usually uninstalls automatically).

My audio/video/camera does not seem to be working.

 See how to test/ troubleshoot your hardware here.
Or you can test your hardware here:

Can I look for reference during the interview?

Technically yes, but it may hurt your chances of being hired. Filtered won’t stop you if you Google for the solution or ask your friend for help, but just like a real in-person interview, the interviewer will know because they will be able to see you do it. That being said, it's normal to look up language documentation during development, so feel free to use those resources as you see fit.

Generally, if you don’t know an answer, it’s recommended that you try your best and move on to the next question.

Can I use my own IDE when taking a coding question?

Filtered will not stop you from writing code in another program, but you will not be able to copy+paste code from your IDE into Filtered (it is disabled). You must write the solution to the code challenge inside of the Filtered interface.

It is highly recommended that you write 100% of your code in the Filtered interface so that the reviewer can see how you solved the problem.

Why do I have to sign in using a social account?

Signing in with a social account helps confirm your identity and gives hiring companies confidence in the validity of their candidates.  See Filtered's policy on social media accounts here.

Where can I see my Filtered interview results? Did I pass/fail?

Interview results are owned by the hiring company and are not accessible by candidates at this time. Please contact your recruiter to learn about the status and results of your interview.

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