When you log in with your Filtered account, you'll see all published jobs from your client in the MSP Dashboard (the "MSP" tab in the top navigation). You will find the job title as well as requisition IDs here. (Please note there might be multiple requisition IDs attached to the same job. This means candidates passing this job will be qualified for all associated requisitions. However, this varies from program to program)

When clicking "view interview details", you will see the types of questions included in this interview, as well as all supported coding languages.  If multiple coding languages are provided, it means that candidates can select their preferred language when taking the assessment.

Inviting candidates to an assessment is quick and easy.  Clicking “invite by email” will populate an email template. You can use Filtered’s default email template or edit the template as you see fit prior to sending. If you edit the template, that same message will be populated in the message box next time you go to send the same assessment.
Changing the due date will modify the template, but due dates are not enforced in Filtered (candidates can complete the interview a day or more late if necessary). Clicking "Send Later" will let you schedule the invitation to be sent at a future date and time.

Once the invite has been sent. Your candidate will receive an email with a link to the interview. You will receive email notifications when the candidates starts and finishes the interview. See what the candidates' experience looks like.

If you are curious about how Filtered evaluates candidates, see how the Filtered scoring system works.

If your candidates have passed the interview, they will be shown in the "passed" tab.

Clicking directly on the candidates will bring you to their review page. You can also go to the review page through the link from your email when they have finished.

If all looks good to you, the next step is submittal. In order to submit a candidate from Filtered into a VMS, simply click “Get Link” and paste the copied link into the appropriate field in the VMS application. This varies from program to program, so refer to the program's point of contact (usually an MSP manager) for details on the preferred process.

That's it. Best of luck with your candidates! 

If you have additional technical questions, you can email us at support@filtered.ai

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