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Livehire Integration with Filtered
Livehire Integration with Filtered
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Filtered's end-to-end technical hiring platform empowers individuals and enables businesses to overcome their greatest hiring challenges of today, and tomorrow. Our technology accurately measures candidate aptitude and uncovers previously hidden applicant insights to ensure true fit and synergy for the job, team, and company objectives. Our capabilities-based hiring and collaborative, streamlined workflow drastically widens the qualified candidate pool, decreasing cost and time-to-fill per hire while increasing quality of technical hires.

The Livehire integration with Filtered allows you to seamlessly add Filtered's Video Interviewing and advance assessment capabilities to a job's interview plan. In this article, we will cover:

  • How to enable the Livehire Integration with Filtered

  • How the Livehire integration will work with Filtered

Enable the Livehire Integration with Filtered

  1. Contact Livehire integration support ( to enable the Filtered assessment for your Livehire account. The assessment trigger status name has to be "Assessment Request".

  2. From step 1, Livehire support should have sent you your api credentials (clientId and clientSecret), please forward them over to so that we can enable the integration.

  3. Once you have received a confirmation from the Filtered team, Please login to Filtered and go to the settings page: and click the connect button to connect Filtered and Livehire.

  4. Once the above step is done, you will see a green text that says "Livehire integration has been activated." This means the integration setup on the Filtered side is all set.

How does Livehire integration work with Filtered?

  1. Log in to Filtered, select the role (assessments) you want to use in Livehire, and copy the job_id from the url.

  2. Determine which Livehire job vacancy will be used for the above Filtered assessment, and contact Livehire ( integration support team and provide the copied job_id from the above step and your Livehire job vacancy name so that Livehire support team will map the Filtered assessment for the selected Livehire job vacancy.

  3. Once received a confirmation email from Livehire support, you can start using the integration. You can go to the job vacancy in Livehire and select a candidate, and then switch the candidate status to "Assessment Request".

  4. The candidate should have received an email invitation to take the assessment from Filtered platform.

  5. Upon completion, the candidate status in Livehire will be switched to "Assessment Complete" and also the Filtered assessment result will be available under "notes" section in Livehire.

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